DamNation: Whole Terrain interviews documentary filmmaker Travis Rummel

Whole Terrain, March 31, 2015, By Cherice Bock

"WT: If you could have your way, would you remove every dam in the United States, or do you think there’s a place for some hydroelectric power generation and other uses for dams?

Travis Rummel: One misconception that everyone seems to have is that all dams produce hydropower, but only 4-5% generate hydro power. On the policy front, in the film we’re not advocating the removal of every single dam, but we point out that each dam has a finite lifespan. Lots of dams have outlived their utility. We’re asking people to rethink the utility of each dam, and to compare the ecosystem-wide cost of having them there, the ongoing costs for repairing them, and the cost/benefit for removing them.

In many ways, this is a generational issue. There was a huge patriotic movement in the 1940-1960’s to conquer nature and have nature work for us. The younger generations see the possibilities with taking them out, and the huge benefits that come with systemic habitat restoration. ..."

To read the interview: http://wholeterrain.com/2015/03/damnation-documentary/

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